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madePechaKucha Night Vol. 22


When: Dec 3, 2015
Time: Pre-show & doors open: 5:30pm, Event Starts: 6:40pm
Where: Visual Art Exchange,  309 West Martin Street Raleigh
Cost: General admission is FREE!

Suggested Donation for VIP seats: $10.00 Donate online during registration. $10.00 donation at the door (cash only).  VIP’s enjoy reserved, front seats. VIP seats are limited.

What’s Happening: 4-6 Creative Presentations (only 6 mins 40 secs each)

  • Pre-show: Enjoy the VAE’s current exhibit, To: From: Annual Holiday Show + Deck the Gallery and mingle with the PKN artist/speakers.
  • Bring a gentle used book to donate to our Book Drive.
  • Learn more about how the spare change you gave for our charity:water campaign impacted the people in Malawi.
  • Stay late and watch filmSPARK movie selection, Mrs. Honeycutt, directed by Larry Evans

We’ll have snacks and drinks, a bit of chocolate and cake to celebrate PechaKucha Global’s 20th year! 


  1. Willa Brigham – Author and Textile Artist
  2. Linda Dallas – Artist and Illustrator
  3. Cindy Hemenway – Artisan Chocolate Maker
  4. Kathy King – Bead Artist
  5. Cyn Macgregor and Larry Evans- Artist and filmmaker
  6. David Quillian – Writer & Director

Have a creative idea or passion? Talk to us!  @pknraleigh #pknraleigh and like us on Facebook.

 Venue Host: Visual Art Exchange

Pre-show: Enjoy the VAE’s current exhibit, To: From: Annual Holiday Show + Deck the Gallery.


PechaKucha Night Raleigh – Get your talk on!

At our entertaining events, we host presenters from the Triangle area talking about topics they are passionate about, and doing it in our unique format of no more than 6 minutes 40 seconds, using 20 slides for 20 seconds each. In selecting the presentations, we encourage creativity in all its forms – for example, PKN talks could be about: community, painting, drawing, sculpture, new ideas, writing, architecture, design, technology, food, thought, music, spoken word, performance, athletics, scientific innovation, interior design, volunteering, living, cultures, etc. We like crafty titles and topics that will move the audience to think about and/or see something new, different or inspiring.

Submit a Talk    |    See videos from past events

Our submission form for prospective presentations is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long! Now whenever you have a great idea to share, you can simply add it to our queue. This way we can curate and balance the talks for content better throughout the year. After you submit we will reach out to you and find an event that will work best for your schedule and our events.

Themes for 2015

  • June 11 – Our theme is Twenty – There’s lots of 20’s in PKN already. 20 slides, 20 seconds… and now we added one more, 20 years! Our mothership PechaKucha Global is celebrating 20 years of talks this year and to launch our year our first topic is TwentyTwenty things you love about Raleigh, your wife, your job. Or 20 things from your bucket list, your never-do-this list or visit this before you die. 20 artworks to admire, 20 things that will never go out of style, … I think you get the idea! Be creative as always.
  • September 17 – Our theme is The Wonky of Creative – The creative process is not all rainbows and unicorns. Getting there sometimes takes an interesting path. What kind of wonky have you been involved in recently? Was the outcome what you expected? Better? Worse?
  • December 3 -Our theme is  I made this The Triangle is full of innovators, makers, entrepreneurs, artist, designers, architects, actors, content producers. Have you launched a new product? Thinking about a few ideas and want to vet them? Show us what you got!

Our themes are meant to inspire creativity and we encourage speakers to innovate on our theme, not necessarily conform to it. We are curating 2015 now and space is limited in each event. We are committed to getting you on the PKN stage!

Read Tips to prepare yourself for the PKN stage.

See videos from past events.

Contact us if you have questions about your idea and want to learn more about what makes for a great PechaKucha talk.